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bullet  Our History

We are book lovers with an interest in history, especially Roman History. This may be by way of fiction, mystery, or non-fiction, including ancient historians. Poetry, satires, plays. We originally started on America Online, but later moved to the Internet at large.

The Reading Group began in 1997 with the bestselling "Masters in Rome" series by Colleen McCullough.

We often alternate fiction and nonfiction, and enjoy mysteries by Steven Saylor, Lindsey Davis, and others. And have started using themes also.

Discussions are free ranging, profound and not so profound, depending on subject and participants. But everyone seems to enjoy the chats.

New members are always welcome! Subscription is free.

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Yahoo!.Groups e-mail communities:
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If you are a member of Ancient/Classical History Forum at, you may watch there for chat announcements.

bullet  Where We Chat:

In our chat room (Skype IM - no video!) every first and third Wednesday of the month except for August.

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envelope bullet If you have questions about our group, please e-mail Irene at irenebooks at

bullet  More on Roman History

We have a blog, often chat related: Roman History Books and More.
Our Facebook Page.

On this website: What we are currently reading / Site Index / Irene's Reading List

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