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It is the mind that makes the man, and our vigour is in our immortal soul. Ovid

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wax tablet, Bad Kreuznach, Germany

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Jim Bloom

The Role of Sea Power In Antiquity: A Rejoinder to Chester Starr
Lion Feuchtwanger's Josephus: Exoneration of a Maligned Jewish Champion
Scipio Africanus - A Military Biographical Sketch
Book Reviews on Scipio Africanus
Book Review: Hannibal G.P. Baker
Book Review: Soldiers and Ghosts: Heroic Mythology and Soldiering in Antiquity J. E. Lendon
The Roman-Judaeo War Of 66-74 AD, A Military Analysis  being reprinted

Richard Dorsey

The Sertorian Wars (PDF)

image from article, click here for the entire trip reportJudith Geary

Getorix: The Eagle and The Bull:
A Celtic Adventure in Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome as seen in the year 2001

Republican Roman Construction
Buildings of Artificial Stone 
Republican Roman Names

Robert GreavesRobert Greaves

Ancient Biography  from Cornelius Nepos to Augustan History
M. Portius Cato (Cato the Elder or Cato the Censor)
Cicero Biography
Marcus Licinius Crassus 1st century BC Roman businessman and politician
Titus Quinctius Flamininus 2nd century B.C. Roman general and diplomat
Lucius Licinius Lucullus Ponticus Roman general of the 1st century B.C.
L. Aemilius Paullus Macedonicus 2nd century B.C. Roman general
M. Claudius Marcellus 3rd century B.C. Roman general
Numa Pompilius the Second King of Rome
King Pyrrhus of Epirus (318-272)
Quintus Sertorius
A Visit to Fishbourne 'new' button
Book Review: Constantine and the Christian Empire

image from article, click here for Revenge of the Bath ThievesN.S. Gill

Celts, Consumerism and Caesar
Curse Tablets:
Revenge on Bath Thieves by Sympathetic Magic

Odi et Amo - Catullus Carmen 85
The Battle That Stopped Rome by Peter S. Wells
Other Book Reviews on

Irene Hahn

Gladiator Mosaic, Bad Kreuznach,  click here for travelogue 1999
castrum biriciana, Weissenburg, click here for travelogue 2002 battle mask, click here for travelogue 2003
Travelogue 1999: Roman Germania I
Travelogue 2002: Roman Germania II

Travelogue 2003: Roman Germania III

Book Reviews (author by alpha)
The Day of the Barbarians: The Battle That Led to the Fall of the Roman Empire  Alessandro Barbero
Daughter of Lazarus  Albert Bell
All Roads Lead to Murder  Albert Bell
The Blood of Caesar  Albert Bell
Belisarius: The First Shall Be Last  Paolo Belzoni
The Sand-Reckoner  Gillian Bradshaw
Cleopatra's Heir  Gillian Bradshaw
The Quest for the Lost Roman Legions, Discovering the Varus Battlefield Tony Clunn
The Pericles Commission  Gary Corby
Domitia and Domitian  David Corson
Trajan and Plotina  David Corson
Saturnalia  Lindsey Davis
Medicus: A Novel of the Roman Empire  Ruth Downie
Sand of the Arena  James Duffy
The Fight for Rome  James Duffy
Pride of Carthage  David Anthony Durham
Augustus: The Life of Rome's First Emperor  Anthony Everitt
Kleopatra  Karen Essex
Pharaoh  Karen Essex
Getorix: The Eagle and The Bull: A Celtic Adventure in Ancient Rome  Judith Geary
Antony and Cleopatra  Adrian Goldsworthy
Caesar: Life of a Colossus  Adrian Goldsworthy
Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome  Robert Harris
Rome's Gothic Wars: From the Third Century to Alaric  Michael Kulikowski
The Tribune: A Novel of Ancient Rome  Patrick Larkin
Carthage, A Novel  Ross Leckie
How to Mellify a Corpse: And Other Human Stories of Ancient Science & Superstition   Vicki Leòn
Roman Games: A Plinius Secundus Mystery  Bruce MacBain
Nero's Heirs  Allan Massie
Ancient Rome on Five Denarii a Day  Philips Matyzcak
The October Horse  Colleen McCullough
Rome's Greatest Defeat: The Battle in the Teutoburg Forest  Adrian Murdoch
The Last Roman: Romulus Augustulus and the Decline of the West  Adrian Murdoch
The Secundus Papyrus  Albert Noyer – Author's Comments
The Cybelene Conspiracy  Albert Noyer
Theodor Mommsen, Eine Biographie  Stefan Rebenich
Justinian's Flea  William Rosen
A Coin for the Ferryman   Rosemary Rowe
A Mist of Prophecies  Steven Saylor
Roma: The Novel of Ancient Rome  Steven Saylor
Empire:The Novel of Imperial Rome Steven Saylor
Roman Woodworking  Roger B. Ulrich
The Chronicle of Zenobia: The Rebel Queen  Judith Weingarten
In at the Death  David Wishart
Parthian Shot  David Wishart

image from article, click here for articleVerda Ingle

On the Campo dei Fiori

Marc A. Loera

Marcus Aurelius, Emperor and Stoic Sage

Greg Pitts

The Battle of Chaeronea 86 BC – A Wargame Scenario (PDF)

image from article, click here for articleAl Schlaf

Aqueducts of Rome under Augustus - Part One
Aqueducts of Rome under Augustus - Part Two

Wax Tablet Reconstruction