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There is a tide in the affairs of men /Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune /Omitted, all the voyage of their life /Is bound in shallows and in miseries. Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Drusus, Tiberius, Germanicus - Mainz - click here
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Old Postcard from Ephesus, Hadrian's Temple
Smith's Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities - A Selection - Lacus Curtius
Cursus Honorum

Early Rome & Italy

The Republic

Roman Consuls at Ancient/Classical at About.com
Early Roman Timeline

Early Republic

Carthage / Punic Wars

The Gracchi

The Fall of the Republic

Historians disagree when this began and ended . . .

Julius Caesar

The Empire

De Imperatoribus Romanis (DIR): An Online Encyclopedia of Roman Emperors
Suetonius: Life of the Caesars
Aurelius Victor: Epitome de Caesaribus (DIR)
Justin Paola's collection of Roman Emperors
UNRV History - Roman Empire
Why Rome Fell
Medieval Sourcebook: Early Germanic States


Individual Emperors
United Empire

DIR Tiberius
De Vita Caesarum: Tiberius
DIR Caligula
De Vita Caesarum: Caius Caligula
DIR Claudius
Suetonius: De Vita Caesarum: Divus Claudius
Rolfe translation
Suetonius: De Vita Caesarum: Life of Claudius
Worthington translation
The Claudius Page
DIR Nero
De Vita Caesarum: Nero Rolfe translation
DIR Galba
De Vita Caesarum: Galba Rolfe translation
DIR Nymphidius Sabinus
DIR Otho
De Vita Caesarum: Otho Rolfe translation
DIR Vitellius
De Vita Caesarum: Vitellius
DIR Vespasian
De Vita Caesarum: Vespasian
DIR Titus
De Vita Caesarum: Titus
DIR Domitian
De Vita Caesarum: Domitian
DIR Nerva
DIR Trajan
Pliny/Trajan Correspondence
DIR Hadrian
The Life of Hadrian (HA)
Postcard from Ephesus, Hadrian's Temple
DIR Antoninus Pius
The Life of Antoninus Pius (HA)
DIR Marcus Aurelius
DIR Commodus
DIR Pertinax

DIR Didius Julianus

DIR Septimius Severus
DIR Pescennius Niger
DIR Clodius Albinus
DIR Antoninus (Caracalla)
DIR Geta
DIR Macrinus & Diadumenianius
DIR Elagabalus
Elagabalus - Electronic Library of the Bath House
Lampridius: "The Life of Heliogabalus" (Historiae)
DIR Maximinus Thrax
DIR Pupienus & Balbinus
DIR Gordian III
DIR Phillip the Arabian & Rival Claimants of the later 240s
DIR Valerian & Gallienus
DIR Ingenuus
DIR Regalianus
DIR Quintillus
DIR Aurelian
DIR Vaballathus & Zenobia

Gallic Emporers

DIR Tacitus
DIR Florian
DIR Probus & Rival Claimants
DIR Diocletian
Palace of Diocletian in Split
DIR Domitius Domitianus & Aurelius Achilleus
DIR Maximianus Herculius
DIR Eugenius
DIRMaximianus Herculius
DIR Amandus & Aelianus
DIR Julianus

British Emperors

DIR Constantius I (Chlorus)
DIR Galerius
DIR Maximinus Daia
DIR Severus II
DIR Maxentius
DIR L. Domitius Alexander
DIR Licinius
DIR Valens
DIR Martinianus
DIR Constantine I
DIR Calocaerus
DIR Constantine II
DIR Constans I
DIR Constantius II

DIR Julian the Apostate
DIR Jovian
DIR Valentinian I
DIR Firus
DIR Valens
DIR Procopius
DIR Marcellus
DIR Gratian
DIR Valentinian II
DIR Theodosius I the Great
DIR Magnus Maximus
DIR Flavius Victor
DIR Flavius Eugenius

Western Empire

Eastern Empire

DIR Honorius
DIR Western Roman Emperors from 407-425
Constantine III to Ioannes
DIR Valentinian III
DIR Petronius Maximus
DIR Avitus
DIR Majorian
DIR Libius Severus
DIR Athemius
DIR Olybrius
DIR Glycerius
DIR Nepos
DIR Romulus Augustulus
DIR Arcadius
DIR Theodosius II
DIR Marcian
DIR Zeno
DIR Basiliscus
DIR Leontius
DIR Anastasius

Dynasty of Justinian

Tiberius II (I) Constantine

DIR Heraclius
DIR Constans II
DIR Heraclonas Constantine III
DIR Gregory
DIR Olympius
DIR Mezizios
DIR Constantine IV
DIR Justinian II (banished)
DIR Leontius
DIR Tiberius III (II)
DIR Justinian II (restored)
DIR Philippicus Bardanes
DIR Anastasius II
DIR Theodosius III
DIR Isaac, Emperor of Cyprus