Photo of Theodor Mommsen, click here for Nobel biographyTheodor Mommsen

Mommsen still is an acknowledged authority on Ancient Rome, so here are some links about him:

Mommsen bust and cartoon from 2003 exhibit, Kalkriese/Varusschlacht, GermanyBiography
Presentation Speech
(from the Nobel Prize site)
Theodor Mommsen
Mommsen at
Mommsen Family Website
Paper: Mommsen's Roman History
A Biography
A Winter in Berlin, by Mark Twain
Mommsen's connection with Clades Variana

A Mommsen Biography in German:
Theodor Mommsen, Eine Biographie
by Stefan Rebenich
C.H. Beck, Munich 2002
ISBN: 3406492959



The History of Rome
plus a very expensive library binding edition with Used options.
A History of Rome Under the Emperors (Lecture Transcriptions)

For German Readers:
Römische Geschichte
Römische Kaisergeschichte, Lecture Transcriptions |
These books are now linked to more works by Mommsen!


Book 01 History of Rome The Period Anterior to the Abolition of the Monarchy
Book 02 From the Abolition of the Monarchy in Rome to the Union of Italy
Book 03 From the Union of Italy to the Subjugation of Carthage and the Greek States
Book 04 The Revolution
Book 05 The Establishment of the Military Monarchy

Römische Geschichte (Book 1)
Römische Geschichte (Book 2)
Römische Geschichte (Book 3)
Römische Geschichte (Book 4)
Römische Geschichte (Book 5)
Römische Geschichte (Book 8)

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