The Dom (Cathedral)

1999, 2002 & 2003

Museum Schnütgen, click here for more
Museum Schnütgen
on the Rhein river
along the Rhein
Old City Hall, click here for photos
around town
Fountain, click here for more

around the cathedral

view of the cathedral from the river promenade view from the south side of railroad station
Kölner Dom West Portal South Portal
West Portal South Portal

The cathedral miraculously came away fairly unscathed from the bombings in WWII.
The brickwork in the picture at right is kept there to show where the only bomb hit the church
Word War Two destruction Word War Two damage

A birds eye view of the masons' workshop. Legend has it that if ever the cathedral work has been completed, the world will end.
Above right: a model of the cathedral area as it looked in the 19th century.
mason's workshop Cathedral model


east choir unidentified altar, help is greatly appreciated
East Choir help needed with identifying this altar
19th century stained glass windows 19th century stained glass windows
19th century stained glass windows, commissioned by King Ludwig I. of Bavaria

while the boys climbed the cathedral tower, their mother took a shot at photographing the entire front…
inside the staircase inside the staircase inside the staircase
view towards the Rhine from the top the cathedral view towards the Rhine from the top the cathedral




For more photos of the cathedral, go to Dierk's page - Cologne Photo Album - Cathedral.
Museum, click here for photos
Romano-Germanic Museum
Glass in the Museum, click here
Praetorium, click here for photos
plan of Roman city wall, go here for more

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