Köln/Cologne: a walk through downtown

The Fountain: “Die Kölner Frauen im Wandel der Zeiten”
(Cologne women through the change of times)

on the Rhein river  along the Rhein

Old City Hall, click here for photos
around town
 Dom, click here for more
Museum Schnütgen, click here for more
Museum Schnütgen

Across the street, in the courtyard of the Farina (perfume makers) building
stands a fountain depicting Cologne women through the times.

fountain title



fountain detail: Ubian, Roman, Frankish
Ubierin / Ubian (50 AD) – Römerin / Roman (50 AD)
Fränkin / Frankish (~500)
fountain detail: St. Ursula, Colognensian fountain detail: Jewess
St. UrsulaKölnerin / Colognensian (~1400) Center: Jüdin / Jewess (1434)
fountain detail: Dutch, Italian fountain detail: Prussian, Colognensian
Niederländerin / Dutch (~1600) – Italienerin / Italien (~1750) Preussin / Prussian (1872) – Kölnerin /Colognensian (1987)

Museum, click here for photos
Romano-Germanic Museum
Glass in the Museum, click here
Praetorium, click here for photos
plan of Roman city wall, go here for more

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