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Tracing Roman Germania 1999
Tracing Roman Germania 2003 in the works
Ancient Rome as seen in the year 2001
Zeughaus, click here for more sidewalk plaque with map of Roman wall, click here for more
a walk around town Roman Cologne


 Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensum (as described in 1999)

Cologne, where I worked for a number of years and where I have family, is one of my usual haunts. In fact, I was there twice in 2002, the first time in February/March on family business, and the on this trip, after I had attended my high school reunion in Remscheid, see my '99 page.

Römerturm close-upThis time, I walked a bit along the the roads where the old Roman wall was situated, and where there are still remains, especially a tower. The wall is four kilometers long, about two-and-a-half miles. Above is a photo of the plaque in the sidewalk, showing the plan. Quite a bit can be still seen of the wall. The most impressive structure, the Römerturm, has always been visible. At right is a close-up of the intricate stoen pattern of the Römerturm.

Soccer Parade

Soccer Parade

Soccer Parade

Soccer mania followed me around, and on the day I arrived, Brazil beat Germany in the World Cup finals. However, it was all peaceful in Cologne: Brazilians – where did they all come from? – and Germans paraded together to celebrate, as one can see form the mixing of national flags.

I made side trips to Neuss, and Bonn, where I met friends and was taken to the Kunsthalle, an art museum of sorts, meaning that it is solely intended for changing exhibitions.We saw Alex Katz - In Your Face, which we enjoyed greatly. Here is Alex Katz' Homepage for more on him, if you like contemporary art.

Other than that, the usual: Family visits, strolling around town, and visiting the Romano-Germanic Museum. The German site is more extensive.

Museum name above entrance - click here for more
my photos

The glassware fascinates me especially, and every time I visit, I think I'm finding something new.

Book Cover - click here for connectionFor German speaking travelers, there is now an excellent and exhaustive guide book available: Das Römisch-Germanische Köln: Führer zu Museum und Stadt, ISBN: 3761613709.

My own summary of Roman Cologne from 1999
My photos

Close to the Cathedral is the Heinzelmännchen Fountain, depicting the legend of the elves who came at night to do the work for the trades people, until one night a curious tailor's spouse could not resist setting a trap for them to see what thwey were like. Here is the nicely illustrated story in English.

For German speakers, here is a partial online guide through the Altstadt (Old Town), from the site CologneWeb.

The Sofitel Hotel, where I usually stay, is close to the river, so I usually take a walk along the Rhein every morning. When I was there earlier in March, the river was flooded.

Cologne 1999
Cologne 2003
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