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LENNEP (Remscheid)

updated October 2003 with new pictures.

The last few days of my trip I spent in my hometown, Lennep, (and here), not far from Cologne and Düsseldorf, near the Wupper Rriver. We moved there when I was five years old, and a number of my childhood friends still live there, so I always have a bed to sleep in.

The town received its rights in 1230 A.D. and was independent until the big municipal reform in 1929, when it became a suburb of the city of Remscheid. Together with nearby Solingen, Remscheid is the hub of the tool & die industry in Germany, with a number of highly specialized small manufacturers and a booming export business.

Lennep has a charming little downtown that dates back to the 1750's only though, when it was rebuilt after a fire destroyed almost the entire town in 1746. Typical for the region are the slate covered houses with the white window frames and the green shutters, as are the onion shaped church steeples.

Update 2008: The collage from an excellent local school site done by fourth graders, Unser Lennep (Our Lennep) unfortunately has disappeared, but here are my own photos.

poster at entry of Röntgen Museum

It is also the birth place of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, who received the Nobel prize for his discovery of the x-rays. In his memory a museum was built there, even though the family left town when he was three... Röntgen though is a common family name in the region. Another famous son was the Wagnerian tenor Wolfgang Windgassen.

There is also a nice textile museum, the Tuch Museum Lennep, commemoration of the age when Lennep was a mill town.

And so, after a few much needed days of rest (and catching up with the town gossip), I took the afternoon train to Frankfurt Airport and flew home the following morning…

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